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Skigin-Elnoog Housing Corporation


On June 7, 1973, Skigin-Elnoog Housing Corporation was incorporated by the New Brunswick Association of Non-Status Indians to address the housing needs of its membership in the province.

In the fall of 1973 and early 1974, Skigin-Elnoog undertook a housing survey on the conditions of the off-reserve populations in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Using this study, Skigin-Elnoog and the New Brunswick Association of Non-Status Indians began lobbying the federal and provincial government to address the serious housing conditions our people faced. As a result of this report Skigin-Elnoog began in the fall of 1974 to deliver “Winter Warm” an emergency program that enabled the homes of Off-Reserve Aboriginal people living in the province to be winterized by adding insulation, plastic and weather stripping.

Section 15.1

The first housing program that Skigin-Elnoog delivered was the 15.1 Social Housing Program of the National Housing Act. This program was jointly funded by CMHC (Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation and NBHC (New Brunswick Housing Corporation) and enabled Skigin-Elnoog to purchase and renovate older existing units for our members. Skigin-Elnoog acquired units under this program until August of 1976 when this program was ended. At the same time core funding for Skigin-Elnoog Housing was terminated.

Rural and Native

In September of 1976 Skigin Elnoog began the delivery of the Rural and Native Housing Program. This enabled Skigin-Elnoog to continue to exist and freed the Political Organization from administration of Housing Programs.

This program enabled Skigin-Elnoog to assist rural Native families acquire new housing at affordable costs.

Skigin-Elnoog delivered the Rural and Native Housing Program until 1981 when the program was terminated by New Brunswick Housing Corporation. The program was re-introduced in 1983 and was delivered by the New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council until it formally ended in 1993 when CMHC vacated the social housing scene and all social housing programs became a provincial responsibility.

Urban Native

In June of 1979, Skigin-Elnoog began delivery of CMHC’s Urban Native Housing Program. This program enabled Native families who were paying more than 30% of their family income for housing to live in adequate housing at rents they could afford.

The Urban Native Housing Program has enabled Skigin-Elnoog to acquire 166 units of apartments under the Pre-84 version of the program and 34 units in the post 85 Urban Native Housing Program.

In 1994, Skigin-Elnoog Housing was asked by NBAPC and the Province of New Brunswick to assume Property Management duties for the RNHP/Basic Shelter Program. In 1995 Skigin-Elnoog Housing entered into a Property Management Agreement with the province and has provided this service since that time.

Off Reserve Aboriginal Home-ownership

In 2006 the Federal government announced the creation of the Off Reserve Aboriginal Housing Trust. Of this 300 million dollar trust the province of New Brunswick was given 6.7 million. Skigin-Elnoog proposed a three prong strategy for use of this Trust Fund; an affordable rental component, a Transitional Shelter component and an Off-Reserve Aboriginal Home-ownership Component.

In the Fall of 2007, Skigin-Elnoog began delivery of the Home-ownership component of this Trust and in the Fall of 2008, Skigin-Elnoog was awarded a National Housing Award from CMHC for Best Practices in Affordable Housing for this Program.

The development of Skigin-Elnoog has come a long way since June, 1973. The corporation has been developed slowly and with care to ensure success and not failure. The Executive and Board have given direction and developed policy with the future of the Corporation and its Membership in mind. We have been faithful to the founding objectives of the Corporation; better housing for our people and self-sufficiency. Hopefully, Skigin-Elnoog will continue developing housing programs for the Off Reserve Aboriginal People of New Brunswick.

Repair/Renovation Programs

In addition to the Rural and Native and the Urban Native Housing Programs, Skigin-Elnoog Housing also delivers various repair and renovations programs. These programs remain the most active area for the Corporation and enables Skigin-Elnoog to assist qualifying clients with assistance to repair or renovate their homes.

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