New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council

Indigenous Skills & Employment Training Program (ISETP)

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The ASETS (Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training Strategy) program ended on March 31st, 2019.  It was replaced by a new program called
ISETP-Indigenous Skills & Employment Training Program.  This program focuses on both clients and employers to ensure clients engage in training programs that will directly lead to employment opportunities.  The ISETP has very specific targets and parameters based on current labour market information in New Brunswick.  The ISETP also has a strong partnership focus so clients are encouraged to explore other funding sources (i.e.: EI, TSD, Social Assistance, First Nations assistance, other Aboriginal funding programs, Student Aid, school grants, employers, etc…) that can partner with the NBAPC-ISETP.

Those Eligible to Apply for ISETP Funding

  • Off-reserve Indigenous Peoples who are permanent residents of New Brunswick
  • Students enrolled in post-secondary training courses that are 2 years or less in duration (a client enrolled in a multi-year course must re-apply for funding each year) or students enrolled in their last and final year of university studies
  • Full time studies
  • Courses where training takes place at a school or training site
  • Training plans that coincide with current and future NB job market information based on the region the client is willing to work in
  • Those who are unemployed, underemployed or do not possess employable skills

What is Required in Order to Apply

  • An acceptance letter from the training institution
  • A schedule of ALL fees for the course from the school
  • Documentation from the school stating the start date and end date of the training
  • Address, phone number and fax number of the training institution or business
  • Contact person at the training institution or business
  • A current resume
  • If the client is currently drawing EI benefits their caseworker’s name and contact information is required, as well as, the dates of their EI claim
  • If the client is currently a Social Assistance recipient their case worker’s name and contact information is required
  • Details and contact information of any other funding partners that the client has already secured funding from

Important Issues Regarding Funding

  • All ISETP funding that a client receives directly or is paid on their behalf is taxable and the client will receive a T-4A during tax season that must be declared as income.
  • Please be aware that we are required to follow a strict Confidentiality Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, as well as, the Privacy Act. Therefore, any person who wishes to apply for funding MUST CONTACT OUR OFFICE DIRECTLY in order to apply for funding with an employment counsellor.  Parents, family members, teachers, friends, etc… cannot apply for funding on behalf of others.  The client who wishes to receive the funding must call an employment counsellor themselves in order to apply for assistance.
  • The Confidentiality Policy and Privacy Act does not allow any ISETP staff member to discuss the funding details of any client with any other individual, no matter what relationship exists between the client and the individual inquiring. Client information is only shared with the funding agencies involved in the intervention, the training institution and the clients themselves.
  • Due to the Conflict of Interest Policy NBAPC Executive, Board of Directors and/or staff members are NOT eligible for funding through the ISETP department.

We also offer an access room with a computer, printer, popular software, internet access, fax services, books, reference materials, career and educational resources. If you would like more information on ISETP services please contact our department.  Please choose the appropriate employment counsellor depending on your current area of residence.

ISETP Staff Information

Employment Counselors:

Tricia Chase (bilingual) - Northern Employment Counselor

(Areas surrounding Campbellton, Dalhousie, Bathurst, Miramichi, Doaktown, etc...)

Joan Paul – Western Employment Counselor

(Fredericton and areas surrounding Edmundston, Grand Falls, Woodstock, McAdam, etc...)

Trevor Wilkinson Tricia Chase (bilingual) - Southern Employment Counselor

(Areas surrounding Saint John, St. Stephen, Sussex, Moncton, Richibucto, etc...)

ISETP Coordinator/Manager

Derryl Smith

ISETP Financial Admin.

Ashlie ward