New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council

The Annual Assembly

The Annual Assembly is the most important and most powerful body of our organization. The Annual Assembly is the ultimate decision maker. The Assembly gives the organization direction in policy when dealing with the government. Over the past few years the direction has been the reaffirmation of our Aboriginal Title and Land Claims as well as our inherent right to self-government. 

The Assembly can support or reverse any decision made by our Board of Directors or Council Executives during the year. The Assembly is the only body which can make changes to the Constitution and By-Laws of our organization. The Constitution is the guiding principle of the New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council.

The Annual Assembly is made up of representatives from each Chartered Community Local of the Council. The Constitution and By-Laws allows up to ten voting delegates per chartered local, Lifetime Members and present Board of Directors.

The main function of the Annual Assembly is to receive and to react to reports on activities of the Board of Directors, the Executive and to receive the audited financial statements. This democratic process is put into effect and exercised by the members of the Council.

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